The old Town Hall

Evangelikis Scholis 27

The old Town Hall, soon to host the Museum of History of the Municipality of Vyronas, is an emblematic building of our town, because it encapsulate the transition from the refugee neighbourhoods to the modern urban landscape. It was founded in 1924 as a polyclinic of the Red Cross. The medical needs in those days were enormous…The refugees suffered from dysenteria and epidemic diseases. The clinic was built n the junction of the streets Evangelikis Schlis and Chrysostomou Smyrnis. It was a two-storeyed building with a balcony and a tiled roof, which was inaugurated on the 2nd of April. Doctors and nurses of the Red Cross offered voluntarily their services. The doctor Nikolaos Fangiadis, a refugee, was head of the team.

In 1934, when Vyronas became a municipalit, Frangiadis remained in the building, as he was the first elected mayor of Vyronas. The old Town Hall hosted 16 mayors. In 1996, under mayor Rogakos, the seat of the municipality was transferred to a new building, on the streets Karaoli and Dimitriou. In 1957, in front of the Town Hall was erected a little memorial monument dedicated to the Greek soldier. The old Town Hall was restored and it will host the Museum of the History of the Municipality of Vyronas.

Additional information

Nikolaos Frangiadis (1934-1938)
Konstantinos Konstantaras (1938-1941)
Anastasios Anastasiadis (1941-1942)
Angelos Georgatos (1942)
Dimitrios Mavromatis (1942-1945)
Georgios Giouroukellis (1945-1956)
Filippos Pierakos (1946-1947)
Nikolaos Frangiadis (1947-1950)
Angelos Konstantilieris (1951-1959)
Achilleas Georgoutsos (1959-1967)
Christoforos Liaskas (1967-1974)
Odysseas Karamitsos (1974-1975)
Dimitrios Konstantilieris (1975-1978)
Dimitrios Nikolaidis (1979-1994)
Nikolaos Rogakos (1994-2002)
Nikolaos Chardalias (2003-2014)
Gregory Katopodis (2014-)